I have no talents, I am only passionately curious
– Albert Einstein.

Its that time of year; university applications run back and forth faster than a herd of crazed zebras.

Pay no attention to the incongruous analogy, the point remains that I need a personal statement.

What is personal-ity anyway?

I’m pretty sure I don’t know mine yet.

Even if I do, can I possibly describe it in 500 – 600 words? What can I possibly tell them? That i’m 18 but I feel like 12? I pick up random hobbies every month and perfect them, only to leave them and move on to something else? Are they going to judge me *don’t want to be a flake here*.

Just last month I decided to try my hand at crochet and knitting. With a lot of assistance from my grandmother, accomplished that..and got bored. So i moved on to writing a novel! November being National Write A Novel month after all. Except to write a novel you need to stick with it long enough to at least finish it.

If I start listing a list of all the hobbies I’ve ‘perfected’ during the course of the past year, the list would take pages. Just a starter:

  • Writing short stories..!
  • Growing my own tomatoes (healthier spaghetti sauce of course!)
  • Making home made perfume with jasmine and a dash of alcohol :l
  • Origami!
  • Crocheting,
  • Knitting
  • Poetry writing (life long process)
  • Baking (this will keep cropping up..)

What university would want someone so adapted to change? Of all the Google searches, I should be a team-player, reliable and willing to go the distance (Hercules, anyone?).

This article is over, and I think I’ve found the inspiration I’ve been looking for. I shouldn’t write about what I ‘should’ be, should I? So what if my way of looking for hobbies is a teensy bit unorthodox? There has to be some college I fit in to! As far as I see it, writing that personal statement should have my worst fears, my best hobbies and ambition (shaky ground there). Now that I’ve constructed the skeleton, I will need help to solidify this into a readable, enjoyable, worthy-of-university essay!

*fingers crossed*


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  1. I also do NaNoWriMo. Actually, I started my blog after a realization that part of the reason why I couldn’t finish was probably because I wasn’t writing enough.

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