Dear 14 Year Old Me.


This is four years in the future and I wanted to tell you about some changes that have happened to your awkward, shy, blended-in-with-the-wallpaper self. You may just like this list.

Firstly, you don’t have a uni brow anymore (Hurrah ladies and gentlemen!).. That got waxed and threaded and plucked along with your upper lip, arms and several other things. Quite frankly you should be happy; you were beginning to resemble a little gorilla *horrified*.

That being said, you know that addiction you have to drinking Coke? And how you pump the stuff like a pro boxer pumps steroids, absolutely essential for survival? Yeah, you still do that. No, you have not made any ‘Eat Healthy and Organic’ New Years’ resolutions. You still don’t eat a lot of fruit and hate chanaas and okra. Some things just don’t change after all. Don’t worry, it hasn’t affected you the wrong way, in fact, your skin is much better than it used to be.

Before you start rejoicing in all these happy events, let me just tell you, you don’t grow any taller than what you are right now. You will stay this tiny all your life, and four years later, your height is exactly the same. So give up your dreams of suddenly sprouting spidery long legs that any model would kill for. You’ll have to make do with your 5 foot 3 inches, and short stumpy legs.

You still haven’t managed to finish reading The Lord Of The Rings.

Be ashamed of yourself.

(Or not, because life’s too short to know what hobbits are up to :D)

What else? OH! You know all those dreams you had about following a literary career and helping mankind by opening various animal shelters throughout the world? Yeah forget about that. You’ve decided to become a Business Major because you’ve discovered that the cold hard corporate world is your calling*. You still take in strays and waifs, but you’ve pragmatically decided not to make a career out of the hobby. Good for you! *would have earned nothing otherwise, would you?

And your updated bucket list? Here it is:

1. Open the animal shelter you wanted on the side (some dreams just refuse to die).

2. Keep a squirrel for a pet.

3. Get spidery long legs somehow (leg extensions anyone?)

4. Dye half your hair electric blue with green streaks thrown in (new addition here).

5. Go on a Euro trip with your best friend.

6. Live in an apartment with your best friend for a little while.

7. Make a youtube video.

8. Attain a carefully dry and cutting, yet gently mocking sense of humour.

And then there are those things too embarrassing to mention. But the point is that you have grown up, contrary to your belief that you wouldn’t. Okay that’s a lie, you still buy bubble guns, toys and candy. And listen to songs like ‘They’re Taking The Hobbits To Eisengard’…   <—– Unacceptable adult actions..

Lastly, you are very very close to your little sister now, even though you fight a lot right now. But believe me, it turns out okay, she becomes your very best friend forever. Thumbs up there.

Oh, and you still don’t like Korean Pop.


Your 18 year old self 😀


One Comment Add yours

  1. animemonstra says:

    Hahaha you’re so funny! If you are ever in L.A, tell me we’ll hang out!

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