38… Are You Still Alive?

20 years down the road ahead, I hope you’re alive. If you are, I hope you don’t have many wrinkles..and can still pass for 32 (high hopes and dreams).

I’m mainly going to tell you what I expect from you, and what I hope you’ve achieved during these 20 years. 

First of all, are you married?! If not, you are the biggest loser alive, I’m sorry. I don’t expect you to have popped out 16 kids or anything, but you should at least have found the love of your life by that time. Or there’s just no reason to live anymore. Seriously.

Second, I hope you have a degree and a job of some sort that earns you something because right now the future seems bleak. I’ve just given my SAT, and the math section didn’t look too good. I’m hoping you’ve done something and even if you haven’t started your own chain of multinational businesses, I hope you have a job. A real one. Not an animal shelter or a part time job doing something for Oxfam or anything. Even though those are your dreams, I want to have money someday..

Oh, have you been on a Euro-trip yet? You’re 38 and you should have seen at least half the world, considering you’ve lived nearly half your presumable life..am I depressing you? Its just the truth.

Right now, all I see ahead are university applications and possible rejections. I have no idea what’ll happen even two days from now. 20 years is a long long time to write to. I have lots of mini questions which I want answered someday, so they’ll be saved here as a sort of blogged time capsule. Here goes:

  1. Do you still hate jelly beans?
  2. Do you have loads of pets at home?
  3. Do you HAVE a home?
  4. Do you own the iPhone 34? Or whichever one comes out then?
  5. If you have kids, are they as short as you were at 18 years old? *horrifying thought*
  6. Do you meet up with your little sister once in a while?
  7. Have you ever: gone hang gliding, scuba diving, or para-trooping? 
  8. Are you rich and famous? ie Did you ever write that best selling book you wanted to write?
  9. Do you still get drunk from red grape juice? Do you drink?
  10. Oh! Do you still collect note books you’re never going to use? And Mcdonald’s Happy Meal toys?

38, however you are, and no matter what your circumstances and physical appearance or marital status (I’m kidding, that one matters, but no pressure) you possess, I hope you’re a good person and make people happy. 

Oh, and did you ever manage to like Korean Pop and/or Justin Beiber? 

Those are the questions that matter.






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