Houston, We Have A Fluffball <3

Okay so you see this cat sitting on a chair and giving the camera one of the best ‘dafuq’ faces I’ve ever seen?

This is the story of how this party animal became a mommy (the all night ragers had to go…), and made me and my two sisters the happiest kitty owners in the world. Her name is Coco: kitty, best friend, mommy extraordinaire :D.

So she started out as a little kitten all decked out in pearls and even had to wear a tutu once. We named her Coco because she’s so sweet (and obviously because she’s dark brown, but don’t tell her I said that; she hits) <—— RACIST CAT COMMENT.

She liked climbing up window railings and just generally doing reckless and dangerous things which she now has had to give up. Motherhood is so much sacrifice. And she whines about it 24/7. Seriously, I have never heard a more vocal cat. She whines if the milk I put out isn’t the exact temperature she likes and so on..

She got pregnant around two months ago, and started getting alarmingly fatter each day. Today of all days, when my mom was super annoyed of everything, Coco started whining outside my room window. We thought she was hungry or thirsty, so I put out some chicken and milk and water but she didn’t touch anything which surprised me a lot. She was making weird noises, whiny, but not like her usual whining. More like in pain noises. This worried me so I brought her inside and she immediately climbed into my closet and curled up. I thought she only had to pee, so I kicked her out and put her in her basket. This didn’t please her and instead she tried to open the closet door with her paws.

I’ve never had a pregnant cat before so I had no idea she was going to go into labour already! I cleaned out the bottom part of my bookshelf and lined it with old blankets and sweaters to make it cosy. Eventually Coco went and snuggled up inside. I was happy that she was comfortable and went to sleep. This happened around 3 in the afternoon. I woke up at 6 to the sound of what I thought was a baby bird cheeping. Turned out Coco had already given birth to an adorable little golden and white fuzz ball that was stumbling around in the sweaters blindly.. THIS WAS IT!

I called my grandmother to the room and alerted my mom and told them Coco was now a mommy. YAY :D.

In half an hour she had given birth to two more kittens, and had fallen asleep on one of them. She was lazy and happy and very unaccustomed to the cheeping sounds they were making. Eventually she started cleaning them and then started nursing. It was the cutest sight in the world :’).

The Kittens!

She finally had her babies and all was well. I can’t wait till they grow up a bit more and I can name them and then they can go to nice homes of their own. My cat, the mommy B).


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