Old Is Gold/Gold is Nokia.


What may it be, you ask?


Oh, you answer, that’s routine, it happens sometimes. There may be too many apps running, or the processor is slow, or something happened to it, but I  assure you, this is a normal situation.


On average, smartphones ‘freeze’ or ‘hang’ quite routinely, as in its not an abnormal occurrence anymore. The solution? Download an app to manage apps more smoothly, to locate and dislocate various files around, insert a memory card to take the excess load off your phone’s internal memory. Is it me or did technology get fussy as it got faster?

So I’ll take you back in time to meet an old friend of mine, called the ‘simple’ phone. Sure, this friend of mine was produced in 2010, but it stands to represent consumer demand after all. That friend is the Nokia 1280..

Now when you look at it, you might think, hold on a minute, stop that car, get off that horse..this phone doesn’t have a camera, an mp3 player, and no memory card, OH GOD WHAT WILL I DO WITH MY 7 MILLION PICTURES AND VIDEOS?! Now before you rush off into cardiac arrest, let me tell you, I don’t recommend this phone for usage. Its merely an example of how simpler times might have been less tense too, in a paradoxical sort of way. Yes, there is no 1024×768 inch large mega cinema sized screen to watch movies on or play games on, and no bluetooth, even. I remember a time when the intro of infrared abled file transfer was a big thing (oh yeah, in my days…pfft).

However, as a secondary or possibly third phone (for all you busy people who talk in everyday conversations like they’re still talking on the phone and never hung up), it could be a winner. Why? YOU know why. Okay seriously, here’s why:


2. Really really really long battery life. I mean really.

3. Texting is so much fun on the soft keys.

4. *drumroll please*…FLASHLIGHT! Perfect for reading in the dark, underwater travel and general espionage of the everyday variety!

5. Never freezes. Won’t hang while you’re getting a call, leaving you to fumble with a million keys while your “My Milkshake” ringtone plays loudly and proudly in class..

6. No one cares about the processor, because no apps. Don’t look down on that. Buy a fourth tablet or something.

7. Call quality is super cool.

8. Adults can work it.

9. Indestructible. A friend had one of these and dropped it off her balcony once. Nothing happened. Now if that isn’t a miracle, I don’t know what is.

Now don’t get me wrong. I love smartphones as much as the next tech geek. I had an iPhone, two BlackBerrys, three Nokias and more besides. But now I need a secondary phone purely for calling and texting, and guess what i’m going to choose? I’m not saying we should revert back to caveman times, but this phone is pretty handy for your average phone user who wants to take some calls, text some people, and listen to the radio once in a while.


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  1. unicornsandcookies says:

    god i am in love with your blogs and i especially love this one 😛

    1. Viva Violet says:

      Hahah thank you so much. Keep reading 😀

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