Adele Got It Right..

I don’t listen to Adele. No.

And I only have three Taylor Swift tracks in my phone.

Not a hater, but not a fan of weepy break up songs either.

But randomly minding my own business, surfing the net (for funny pictures of cats, judge me), I came across ‘Skyfall’. Not the movie, but the soundtrack. And I was curious because the film itself got very mixed reviews.

So I listened to the track.

It was love at first listen.

What isn’t perfect about this song? I mean seriously. The vocals, the music, the words, simply, amazing. It made my heart race in a way that only twilight fans can understand. And it gave me that quiet happy sense of belonging to something bigger. Adele did that to me. To cynical, sarcastic, anti weepy me.


It is an outstanding song, and perfectly done.

And now, I listen to Adele.

Well done, Adele. You got this one just right.

You made it to my playlist.


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