Re-defining “Unique”

I’ve been away from my blog for a few days, searching for inspiration and what not. And seashells, even though the city I live in does not have a beach…

The point is, I got my blog topic today. I went to the grocery store and saw packs and packs of Milo stacked together. And standing in front of the freezer got me thinking about universities and personal statements…and you’re thinking here she goes again. How many personal statements does she need to write? But I swear I have a new point here…

All of the essays say ‘What makes you unique?’ ‘How will your individuality be an asset?’

Now, I think individuality is overrated. I mean, the whole world, and all the businesses in it, are dedicated to making standardized products. Products that can fit a variety of people’s expectations. And among this rise of standardized, ‘all the same’ stuff, people are looking for unique individuals.

Anyone else see the irony? What if I don’t want to be an individual? How is EVERYONE supposed to be unique? Isn’t that a paradox in itself?

I’m happy being a part of the world and having standardized products being made for me, on a flow line, just like everyone else. Not everyone can stand out. There can’t be customized things for everyone. The world is mostly the same, connected through heart and emotion. Unique-ness is overrated.

Because if everyone was unique, no one would be.

Flow line for ‘unique’ individuals..?


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