Dear Dead Child, Stop Haunting Me. I’m Squeamish Already.

I think my house is haunted.

A few days ago, I heard a light switch turning on, off and on again continuously, while no one besides me was at home. I even went in all the rooms and checked them inside out but the noise didn’t stop. Yes, like the girl in the horror movies who just HAS to go check what’s happening, I did.

And then two days ago, while rooting around in my closet for a pair of purple skinny jeans (don’t judge), I heard my sister enter the room and asked her if I could wear her pink t shirt. She replied with an ‘ahem’ which I assumed was okay. But when I looked around, no one was in the room. And looking for my sister, I found her outside, in the garden.

Lastly, I watched Casablanca at night, and went to sleep. When I woke up the next day, there was nothing untoward in the room. My sisters and I went over to a cousin’s house for the day, so our house was empty.When we came back, we found that my tv screen had a huge ‘CLASSIC MOVIES’ sprawled on it, written in awful loopy writing with god knows what, and my whole family was horrified, and not a little creeped out. And Casablanca was lying right under it.


I am scared. :l


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