An Un-Thanksgiving Thankful List

Where I’m from, there’s no Thanksgiving Day. But since today, all day I’ve read more and more posts about what people have to be thankful for, I decided to write my own list. My Not-Quite-A-Thanksgiving List.

So here goes. I’m thankful:

  • That Autumn lasted a month longer than it was technically supposed to (favourite month).
  • That my mom bought me an almost endless supply of peanut butter oreos (they were on sale).
  • That my dad was able to pull out of the work crisis he was going through since June, this year. Very thankful for that.
  • That I finally learnt how to use Photoshop…in the start, even switching heads amused me (think sandra bullock switching bodies with a horse)..
  • That my best friend became a stranger and ruined a five year old friendship. Because now I can recognize fair weather friends from the good, thunderous lasting kind…
  • That my metabolism is going strong, so I can eat as much fast food as I want without getting fat. SUPER grateful for that.

And most of all, I’m very thankful that I can write this blog and make people laugh, that my family is safe, happy and this year has been great so far :).


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