…Meanwhile, In Lahore

It’s 11.51 AM exactly, and the weather outside is wonderful, as only weather in Lahore can be, towards the end of November. Its not too sunny, not too windy, and not too cold.

I could go out and lie down, sleep or dream or read in the grass, all without the threat of getting a suntan. Its a picture perfect day for anything and everything.

Picture perfect day today

And while normally I lie pining away for a Euro trip, or USA trip, or some trip, today I’ve decided to love my city, because its Lahore, and it cannot be improved upon (also because it has put up with me for 18 years…)

Lazy, content and blogging. What could be better?


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  1. yepiratesays says:

    Lahore is one of the beautiful cities of the world – I wish more people would realise it – and it is easily-accessible from Europe with Uzbekistan Airways – though of course that is a bit of an adventure for many people!

    1. Viva Violet says:

      Haha, yes it would be an adventurous trip. I’m going to be writing more about what makes Lahore so amazing, so feel free to stick around. And thanks for reading 😀

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