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Success To A Nine Year Old Is:

A life lived well.

This is what my nine year old sister has to say about it.

You haven’t lived well unless you have:

1. A big house, with a swimming pool, massage table and a stocked fridge.

2. Never ending food.

3. A pet, preferably a cat.

4. Colouring books.

5. Crayons and pencils.

6. Music.

7. Vases with flowers.

8. Tinkerbell.

9. A doll house made out of chocolate.

10. An exclusive pass to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.




21 years old and none the wiser for it. I read on the way to work, at work, and after it. Words on a page are underestimated: they have potent, deadly powers. And I like saying words like 'pluviophile.' But I swear I'm not pretentious. At least not all the time.

16 thoughts on “Success To A Nine Year Old Is:

      1. My pleasure! I think I’ll follow you, too, from now on, do you mind? =D Your blog it’s really cute, I like sea life… there’s also a (sad) worm! X’) Love it!

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