Small Dreams, When The World Ends

Page 82, third line, from Nathaniel, by John Saul.

If the world was going to end tomorrow, I would:

  • Call my entire family over, and throw a huge party.
  • Dye my hair electric blue with purple streaks (like I want, but moms…)
  • Eat, a lot. Mcdonalds iced lattes!
  • Buy my housekeeper and her family some things, so her last day would be happy.
  • Make a time capsule, because I believe in aliens..(not orange ones like Snooki, actual ones)
  • Spend every minute with my sister and best friend.
  • Read all the books I possibly can?
  • Prank call the president, because hey, its the last day on Earth, right?
  • Try to write as many blog posts as I could.

Small dreams, but “Anyway, its not the end of the world”, so small dreams can stay small. And simple 😀


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