Dear Future Babies With Stars In Your Eyes

This is the (very condensed) story of how a hopeless helpless horribly forsaken Coca Cola addict overcame her addiction, and refused a real life offer (that previously, was un-re-fu-sa-ble)

This addict just could not refuse a glass of the fizzy chocolate brown sweeter-than-anything drink, and drank about three glasses per day. She writes about it now only in loving memory, somewhat of a eulogy, if you say. It didn’t matter what it was like: warm or cold, flat or bubbly, she’d take it in a cup, glass, tablespoon, or bottle lid. Then she thought she’d stop being so easy.

One day, she thought of how she wanted babies in the future. Little babies that would smell like milk and cinnamon and stars. And then it occurred to her, that the sugar infused black carbs she was continuously guzzling would suck the calcium right out of her bones. So she’d have a weak spine and her future babies would likely have two heads, or bad bone structure. Or would not be born. And then, she gave it up. Just like that.

So, for my future babies with glowing eyes and pretty cheekbones, I left soda far behind in a flash. From being an offer I couldn’t refuse, it became something I just…threw out.

Cured of my addiction, refusing offers left and right. Be proud of me 😀


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  1. N says:

    Thank God one person in this universe understands that Coke can do more things to you than just make you ‘fat’. GOD. Every time I try to dissuade my cola-addict friend from drinking it she responds with ‘but it’s not like I’m fat or anything.’ -_-

    1. Viva Violet says:

      Haha, it didn’t make me fat, but my doctor told me if you continue with it, it can lead to things like bladder cancer. O.o. Its really hard overcoming the addiction though so I get where your friend is coming from. Thank you for reading ❤

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