Do You Know Pollyanna? Silver Linings…

I just read Zen Scribbles’ post: Of silver linings and mailbox surprisesand figured I could look to the greener side of the grass once in a while, despite being a natural born pessimist. 

The silver lining I saw this week was in three different things.

I was addicted to Coke, gave it up and got depressed, sort of flat. My friend advised me to start drinking Cranberry juice, which i’d always always despised earlier. Silver lining? I tried it two days ago and got hooked. Who said the phrase: You know you’re getting older when you start liking things you never used to, as a kid? But anyway, its true..So, now I like cranberry juice which is a superhero and prevents forest fires! 😀 (no, I was only lowering your expectations, it just prevents bladder cancer)…

Fight bladder cancer!…

For the last three days, my hair had been going through somewhat of a dry frizzy won’t-smooth-out-whatever-you-do phase. BUT, today, my lovely brilliant conditioner actually came through for me :’). Silver lining indeed; even though I don’t have anywhere to go and show off my hair, I keep winding it around my finger anyway. Makes me happy, so I feel Marilyn Monroe-esque. 

Third, my kitty Coco has a favourite, quite odd chew toy: a green rubber lizard. It got lost a while back, causing her some depression, making her generally more whiny and leading her to conspire against us. Silver lining? She finally found it today, squashed between two sofa seats where she’d stashed it then forgotten. So, all in all, good and happy 😀


So my silver lining was found in Cranberry Juice, Conditioner and a Rubber Lizard. Ordinary things, little things.


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  1. Zen A. says:

    The little things are always the best! I notice that I like things I didn’t like before too. Like grapefruits and recently eggplants. I used to hate them but now I find them tasty, haha.

    1. Viva Violet says:

      I like eggplants now but grapefruits I just can’t stand. Maybe I need to get a bit older.. :P. Thank you for reading 😀

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