When Elephants Flew, And Candlesticks Sang

There’s a song stuck in my head stuck in my head stuck in my head. 

Colours of the Wind – Pocahontas OST.

Anyone remember Pocahontas? I felt so nostalgic thinking about the long forgotten song today that I decided to watch the movie again, out of sheer memory. I have to admit, I found it more entertaining as a child. Why, though? (rhetorical question, I can totally answer that)

As a child, your mind is completely open to everything and anything. Nothing is too much or impossible to believe in. I think as I grew up, instead of becoming more broad minded, I became the opposite. Adulthood is not what its cut out to be. But this isn’t a ‘back in my day..’ lecture.

Anyway, back in my day…haha, Disney was Disney. Looney Tunes, Cinderella, Snow White, not Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato’s personal stage. 


True love happened when a prince woke the princess up with a kiss, friendship was unrestricted: Snow White befriended dwarves while Cinderella had mice and birds. No perversion, no depravity. Aurora walked the woods all day, never fearing a random rapist or thief. Ugliness existed in evil, magic potions and villains that realized what they had done, nothing else. Mulan wasn’t labelled androgynous or transgender, just really really brave. Peter Pan didn’t have a syndrome named after him, because all he wanted was to stay young. And Belle fell in love with a beast who did not turn out to be a Calvin Klein model. 

I miss Disney, and the age of innocence, when kisses meant love, and not a means to an end. I do know one thing though. No matter how old I get, Mufasa’s death still makes me sob uncontrollably. Some things you just cannot get over. 



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