Gather Round The Fire…And Listen, She Said, Of Tales Past

I’m a puffed up, self important peahen. 

I’d write, write and write some more. Writing this blog is literally how I vent, even though most of it is random rambling. I need to write out my experiences in the hopes that they’ll make some people laugh, some cry, and help some not make the same mistakes. I also write to explore numerous issues that I wouldn’t have delved in otherwise. When I started writing, I would never have written about racial problems, social issues or sexual orientation issues many people in the world face. I hope I’m growing and learning as I’m writing, that’s the most important part. 

I’m someone who could never stick with anything, regardless of what it was, but blogging I have stuck to faster than a koala on a eucalyptus tree. Which means I would rather blog, because if someone took away this means of voicing myself, I’d probably suffocate in a second.

Plus, all those kind hearted people who would rather read other people’s blogs rather than writing their own would come across my blog sometime or another, right?

I hope that wasn’t egotistical, sentimental or lecture like. 

But it was pure 100% honest.


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