…Meanwhile, In Lahore: Full On Falooda

My favourite thing ever, in Lahore, is the falooda.

Its a really icy cold, ice creamy treat made up of cold noodles at the bottom, topped with sweet creamy khoya and dunked in it, are one or two kulfis (local ice creams). Syrups and other candies can be added to your liking, and overall you need a spoon and a straw to finish the slurpy confection.

Surprisingly, the season I like to have falooda in, is winter. There’s nothing better than sitting in your car, with a bowl of falooda in your freezing hands, shivering, laughing and still gulping down copious amounts of ice cream and noodles and happiness. When the spoon is freezing cold too, like your feet and fingers and tongue and lips but you still can’t stop eating because its so deliciously smooth-creamy, like nothing else can be.

My favourite place for falooda is a local store, Yousaf Falooda. Its made quite a name for itself in Lahore, as its non pretentious, easy to access and reasonably priced. Plus, they make a terrific falooda.


If in Lahore, head to Yousaf Falooda in the winters and indulge in creamy icy goodness 😀


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