Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String

Someone knocked at my gate.

I expected the usual; salesperson, beggar, cleaning woman, or kids playing a prank.

Instead, I found a complete and utter stranger: the post man. How had he ventured onto this territory, this alien land he never ever visited? I figured he probably had the wrong address and had stopped to make a query. And then, he handed me my first ever mail package. 

 It was a brown envelope, sealed along the top, and felt very soft and curious. I

Imageran inside, and ripped it open, all decency leaving me at the prospect of finally getting something in the mail. And then I realized what it was. Some days ago, Hey Sugar Sugar had told me she’d send me a box of Quality Street in the mail, for Christmas, 

because I had been whining about how expensive it had become here. I didn’t think I’d actually receive it (not because I doubted her generosity, but because I’m not a natural optimist).

 The best thing ever is receiving a package in the mail. And that’s what makes me happiest, because ever since I was a child, I wanted to write letters instead of texting, leading my mom to think I’d been born into the wrong century.

So imagine how excited I was when I saw the Quality Street box, and the shiny candies wrapped in their individual cellophane wrappings. And then I uncovered the card, which was actually the best part of the gift, and meant more to me than the Quality Street on the whole. She called me gifted and wished me a merry Christmas. And it made my day.Image

But, thank you so much, Hey Sugar Sugar, for making my Christmas, and sending a box of happiness all the way from Wales to Pakistan. People like you make all the difference in the world <3.


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  1. heysugarsugar says:

    I thought ohhh that writing looks familiar as I saw the pics and realised it was my writing! 🙂 it was my pleasure my lovely, you enjoy the Quality Street..seriously you were so desperate for them how could I not ease your pain? lol and yes I meant what I wrote in the card. Merry Christmas xxx

  2. Viva Violet says:

    We certainly can, and doing this for someone has to be one of the best actions ever. It just shows you have a warm generous heart 🙂

  3. It feels that the world is moving. Life would be better with more of these. Thanks for making me read this, it made me realize that we can all make a change.

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