YES, I’ve Found The Secret To Happiness!

You don’t know just how lucky you are, until you see this.

What might you classify as ‘unlucky’? Fight with mom/dad/partner, a day with no hot water, when you run out of cold coffee, or chocolate, or when your kids are annoying you? I haven’t been in a war and I don’t carry any battle scars. But this woman does. She’s been battling a disease that was supposed to have killed her outright when she was born. It killed four of her siblings, and yet she lived.

Harlequin Ichthyosis. I won’t copy and paste a scientific definition here because that’s pointless. But I will say this. Imagine your skin growing ten times as fast as it should, and having to be shed and peeled off, twice a day. Imagine being born with distorted limbs, and a permanent grimace etched along your face, and people unable to look away, for all the wrong reasons. 

Nusrit Shaheen was born with this condition, and kicked the odds in the face. She’s living fully, and seems to me one of the strongest people in the world. In her public quotes, she stresses that she’s happy to answer any questions that people have. And its clear to see that even though her disease is torturous, it hasn’t made her bitter, resentful or malicious. She might have her ups and downs, and she might feel as if its unfair, but she’s struggling every day to make it through. 

Look at what you call unlucky, and what she calls a chance to live.

Imagine rubbing on liquid paraffin twice a day, peeling off skin. Imagine people staring at you every where you go. Imagine trying to feel sexy. Imagine having skin that feels 80 years old, while you’re in your twenties. Imagine living when the odds were stacked against you.


And count yourself outrageously, thankfully, splendidly lucky today.

“One can bear anything. The pain we cannot bear will kill us outright.” 
― Janet FitchWhite Oleander

Find out more about the condition here.


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