Meanwhile, In Lahore… How To Take A Hot Shower

It was 8 pm, as I walked over to the kitchen in my extra woolly socks. A freezing windy Monday night, like the others before it.

So curse my luck, for needing a shower just then.

However, as always there was no gas and therefore no hot water in the house. As usual. And so there began my quest to source out hot water.

Step one:

Fill a huge metal bottomed pan with water, and place it on the electric stove.


And now…proceed to wait for around 30 minutes for this to simmer lightly.

Step Two:

Fill a plastic bowl with water and keep microwaving it for four minutes over and over again. Keep repeating the cycle until you have some quantity of water stored up in your depressing grey bath bucket.


Just stare at it and feel low, because you know this amount of water won’t even cover your hair.

Step Three:

Fill up the electric kettle to its Max Capacity and let it boil. This will take a round about 10 minutes for each cycle.


This is the actual saving grace for your ‘shower’. Its boiling water so it’ll warm up the lukewarm liquid you’ve added to the bucket.

And now, ladies and gentleman, we wait. Huffing and puffing on our icy hands, trying to keep warm in the stone cold kitchen and living room, while waiting for our water to warm up.

(I had turned on the heater in my bathroom so I wouldn’t freeze to death while bathing).

This is how you take a normal everyday hot ‘shower’ in Lahore nowadays.

We’ve been starved, and now we must be frozen too.


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