Never Try To Outstubborn A Cat…

Hi, Favourite Person

Remember last Saturday when I went to that sleep over? You looked pretty much nonchalant as I was leaving. You watched me while I stuffed my favourite neon pink pajamas inside my handbag with your glassy stare, and I knew you were judging me. I tried to pat you on the head but you were not pacified, and stalked off haughtily. That night was the longest time I’d ever spent away from you and I missed your warm, sometimes fuzzy company. When I returned the next morning, you woke up, and sleepily came over to smell my nose and rub against my legs. I thought you’d forgiven me, and I tried holding your hand only to find you kept pushing me away and placed your leg on my nose. I didn’t know you were so flexible. I guess all best friends have secrets, after all. Very stubborn, you are. You still haven’t forgiven me Coco, your dirty looks and pointed silences are signals enough, and I’m sorry I ever spent that time away from you. You can travel with me from now on.



*Disclaimer: Coco is my cat. This would be really really creepy if it was about an actual person. Although my cat is a person sometimes. A clumsy one.


5 thoughts on “Never Try To Outstubborn A Cat…

  1. The disclaimer isn’t necessary. Nicely written ;piece. I owned a cat (or he owned me) that chased after my car when I left home, He only did it once, because when I got home he had been knocked down. Cats can be nice or mean, smart or stupid, just like people. How cats treat you depends on how you treat them.🙂

    1. I like the ‘he owned me’ part. So true! Yes, they do treat you like you treat them, which is exactly like people. My cat gets so annoyed when I smother her, but she still comes and sits in my lap. Cats are the best❤

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