“When God Made Time, He Made Plenty Of It.”

Yesterday, a friend’s pet passed away, her grey Persian cat who she dearly loved. Weeping, she told me “No one can ever replace him.”

At that moment, it would’ve been imprudent to counter her statement, but it did get me thinking. Are people and things really irreplaceable? For example, I love my sisters, and I could not even think of replacing them if something happened. It simply can’t be, can it?

Then I realised that like nothing is eternal in the world, nothing is irreplaceable, either. And what replaces that void in your heart or mind? Very simply, Time. We’re all at the mercy of the swift golden feet of time. Time will make you forget every painful memory, and dull out the jagged edges of remembrance. Who ever, or whatever you lose, the feeling will eventually by replaced, inevitably by something else. No matter how long it takes, it will happen.

Time brings about age, and soothes over loss and grief. The way I see it, you can adapt to it, or fight. Fighting will only lead to more grief, so why bother? We were all born to die, were we not? Maybe time was the penultimate band aid that we received.

Because time heals, and replaces. But even time will die one day, for eternity doesn’t exist.

ImageWhat will replace it then?


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