Somebody Call 911…The Tale Of An Itchy Crisis.

This is the time when I managed a crisis while thinking on my feet, one that I’m rather proud of :’).

I was sitting minding my own business, when suddenly, it snuck up on me. With it’s spiky legs and quiet cheek, it landed. My nose started to itch…I couldn’t scratch it because I had a face mask on. And before I knew it, I was in the middle of a crisis!

I deftly jumped off my bed like a ninja, looking for a pin, all the while dying to scratch the itch away. It was a hard struggle, I assure you. I didn’t want to scratch the mask off, for who wants to put itchy over beauty? Not me, no Sir! Heart racing, I ran around like a wild thing and couldn’t find a pin. In the end, I sat down calmly, with my right leg twitching, as the itch spread. This is what happened in my head:

“Boy, this is really itchy…maybe I should just take the mask off…”

“NO. I must not sacrifice clear skin for an itchy nose! What will that make me?!”

“This is no time to guard your honour. Desperate times call for desperate measures!’

“Damn…oh maybe I’ll try mentally controlling it. I read somewhere that your mind can do anything.”

*follow period of intense concentration with a scrunched up constipated face*

“Well that didn’t work. Argh! Itchy itchy itchy!!”

“I have no choice. What needs to be done, must be.”

*deep breath*


…Ahh, relief.

Crisis Averted!

So there you go. I’m, rather proud of myself for handling such a dire crisis with the spirit of sacrifice, quick thinking and skilful scratching.

Codswallop, as Roald Dahl would say.

May all our noses be itch free in difficult moments.



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