A completely different view on rainy days, and written in simple conversational style. One of the best posts I’ve come across in WordPress. 😀

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you know how when it’s

raining really dramatically,

and all you see are these globular tears

dripping from your triangled eyelashes

and you can wonder that maybe

this is a scene, a setup,

an emotional part of a movie you’re supposedly in

so you pretend the rain’s mingling with your tears

(though you have no tears)

tears for the emotions you must have

for in this scene

you must be crying

for a lost love, or betrayal,

or you’re grieving someone, or something

pretending that the rain is your tears

and you’re crying

that you might never see their mystical face again

or that you’re just about to kiss them

or that this rain is an omen


warning the audience

of trials to come

that’s how I see it


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