I’ll Love You…On February 14th

“Hi, so I know we’ve only been dating for 5 months, but…would you be my Valentine?”

“Of course! I didn’t know you felt that strongly about me!”

“I do, I love you.”

“You just said the ”L” word…Oh I couldn’t be happier!”

*hugging and kissing ensues*

Ahh, Valentine’s Day.

Roses, chocolate, singing, serenading, presents, poetry and the rest of it.

Diamonds and rubies and showers of quotes and poems. A fabulous dinner, served with ‘I love you’s’ and warm smiles.

Another thing I don’t believe in.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m as romantic as the next bard that just fought his way out of Romeo and Juliet. What I don’t believe in is the profession of love, eternal, undying, crazy love on just one day. Aren’t people entitled to receive compliments and kisses and roses on any other day? i understand that its a special day, but then shouldn’t love be present every day of the week? 

Valentine’s Day for me is that one day where you can’t take your spouse for granted. There’s a lot of pressure, mainly because of media and the like, to buy your significant other everything and anything they need or don’t…all in the colour red. Red roses, red cards, red cars, red cats, red vacuum cleaners…?

People send each other cards and confess true love like nobody’s business. Where was this confession earlier? Surely your heart didn’t wait for February 14th, 12 AM to magically fall in love? 

Say you love someone every day. Don’t wait for February, because its too sentimental and has emotional and material pressure.

I’d prefer a flower and a kiss every day, rather than a bouquet of diamonds just on February 14th.



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  1. I never celebrate Valentine’s Day, with my current boyfriend I can’t even remember what we did last year, to me it means nothing. What means more is “two years ago today we met each other, and began this wonderful story together”. I also, on my first ever non-single Valentine’s Day (aged 17), received a tiny cake saying I Love You, a Love Bug soft toy, a mug with my name on it and a teddybear with a heart attached. I seriously did not want that crap in my house! And most had gone in the bin, or conveniently “left on the bus” on the way home from school!

    1. Viva Violet says:

      Hahahah oh wow we’re so similar! I don’t believe in it at all and I totally get you not wanting that stuff in your house. I wouldnt either. I mean you want someone to be like that everyday instead of going out and buying cutesy stuff on just one day. And yes february also makes me think about the happy years that have passed in my relationship instead of making me want random red and pink paraphernalia 🙂

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