For All The Sick Penguins Out There…

I shall compare private and public healthcare (for my country) using a delightful metaphor that involves penguins.

So, first are the really fat penguins who give government healthcare. They finance themselves using taxes, which they increase each year to support different endeavours. These are the ones who have all the fish, and the big kahuna, or lord penguin controls all of it. He’s the fattest, and the smarmiest. He builds a hospital every two years, and everyone salutes him, but the hospital he builds is understaffed, unhygienic and lacks proper equipment. Often, emergency cases cannot be entertained. Moreover, if a penguin slips and knocks its skull open on an iceberg, chances are it’ll die there, because the ambulance won’t get to him on time. However, every penguin from far and wide can access this healthcare, at least by theory.

Moving on to private healthcare. Now this is a group of penguins who have a lot of money. Either out of ethics or boredom, they have chosen to build medical facilities for other penguins. In their case, the equipment is top of the line, the ambulances fast and the staff happy and well trained. They face two problems. One, they cannot collect monies by taxation, and so may fall short of funds, until another private penguin investor decides to donate. Also, not all penguins can receive this attention; only the ones with money can. So basically, this group of penguins is elite and tight knit. If a pregnant penguin is rushed to their hospital they can deliver her baby in excellent conditions.

So I guess my point is that public healthcare is open to all, but private healthcare saves lives.

Both sets of penguins should work together. The corrupt fat ones should provide finance while the elite, ethical ones should take over building and facilities. That way, money might end up where it was intended to.



9 Comments Add yours

  1. angloswiss says:

    Exactly, this is a very good comparison and explanation.

    1. Viva Violet says:

      Thank you :). I thought penguins would make everything more jolly 😀

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