Heirate mich! Hooking Up With The Berlin Wall…And More

So…stranded in a strange country with no monies and no food? Gulp.

Being stuck in a foreign country where the locals speak English would be way too easy. I could just seek out a kindred looking spirit, ask to use their cell phone and call my family or the nearest embassy, and get rescued. So to increase the state of drama, I’ll imagine three different scenarios…


Obviously, I’ll be stuck in Berlin. I mean, what’s the point of going to Germany and not seeing Berlin? So, no cash and no nom noms? I’d wander around the streets, wringing my hands, trying to attract notice. I’d do this and make sufficient signs and gestures, making my point clear: I need directions to the Berlin Wall. So, after finding my way to the Wall, I’d open my hair, ruffle up my clothes, and start shrieking, leaning against the Wall.


When I’d gather a proper sized audience, I’d make actions showing that I’m trying to marry the Wall, that i’m passionately in love with it and ultimately, that I’m insane. Hereafter, some medical professionals would be called and would carry me away kicking and screaming. In the asylum, I’d find at least one doctor who would speak English  Then I would explain my situation and would be taken care of…On the other hand, they might just lock me up on account of the fact that I tried to hook up with a national monument, but semantics. Ehh.


Ahh, Finland. The place where the percentage of high school graduates is 93 percent. Westernized, civilized, educated country. And I’m stranded in it. I love the education system there: no homework, no heavy study load. Anyway, even though I’d have no money or food, I’m sure I’d have a fur coat, to survive the snow there. I’d wade through the frozen streets and look for a school.


This would take me some time, but after I’d find it, it would be very simple. I’d enroll in the school, hide out forever, a mad glitzy girl, spending her life in Finland…ahh dreams.

But seriously, I’d just locate an education centre, find someone who speaks English, explain my situation and get the heck out of there!


This one’s so simple, its hilarious. I’d do the obvious thing: scout out the most intricate drug mafia operation and gradually become the leader…


I’d get into fights, sell some crack and become the most powerful girl in Rio. No one would be able to touch me. Oh yeaah, what a life for a girl.

So here it is. Three strange scenarios and proof that I could come out of each one, fighting.


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  1. Carina says:

    If you get married to the (remnants) of the Berlin wall the Fernsehturm and I might attend 🙂 By the way, most Berliners and speople in Berlin speak English.

  2. cftc10 says:

    Reblogged this on cftc10.

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