I Want To Touch My Boyfriend’s Wings…

She said, “You’re an angel!”

My sister, sitting right next to me, (annoyingly so, in fact) was chattering incessantly about the new love-of-her-life Daniel Gregori or Greogri or Greg, something. His flawless features, blond hair, perfect lazy (bitchy) smile and oh, angel wings. Also, his unfortunate non existence. 

I’ve read a couple of swooning romances that fall under the new popular category of ‘Fallen Angel’ fiction… Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick and Fallen by Lauren Kate, among others. And I’ve seen a pattern…


The ‘different’, androgynous heroine. For some strange reason, these female leads are never very feminine. Rather, the adversaries they face (villainous angels, ex girlfriends, supermodels) are gorgeous and perfect and super girly. And yet the guy chooses this unattractive self conscious girl and promptly pronounces her perfect and above all other mortals…I have a question. Is the hero secretly a homosexual? Is he tired of dating actual girls, and now wants to experiment with slightly mannish greasy haired, baggy jeans and sweatshirt wearing specimens? 


Okay, so the scraggly unkempt hair band wearing heroine apparently has enough charm and awkward personality to capture the main man, fine. We can go with that. However, how in the world do her plain looks and trillion insecurities manage to attract another suitor? One who keeps telling her how ‘fragile, luminescent and perfect’ she is? Furthermore, this other genetically flawless guy seems intent on pursuing her no matter what, and has no pride or ego. Basically, the authors make all pubescent teenage girls believe that they are also worthy of dramatic love lives no matter how unwaxed their eyebrows are…


Alright, so I understand being involved in a love triangle, and being chased by another guy. Hey, it happens when you’re in a small community and only have two friends. Okay, but why does the heroine have to possess the lovely woolly flexible qualities of a door mat? Why can she not tell the other guy to just back off? Hell no, she’ll allow him to steal kisses and touch her inappropriately, but she’ll never make him leave. Because apparently she’s just too nice to say no, and second. she likes the attention she gets; it makes her feel like she’s worth something. So in the end, its the romance that matters, and not the ultimate Heavenly mission she’s on… 


After the budding romance has fully blossomed and the pair are an official ‘thing’, you see the heroine’s other life melt away. Gone are the girlfriends, gossiping on the phone and sleep overs. Instead, the guy becomes the focal point of her existence. She shares everything with him, from secret thoughts to questions to insecurities. While that’s sweet and personal, one does wonder why she doesn’t have ANY NORMAL FRIENDS! Girls don’t like her because she stole the man of their dreams, and other guys can’t be her friends because they all fall in love with her…is this really the shallow life of the average American girl? I really hope not.

In the end, I can see that all these fantastical romances are the author’s way of handing out dreams of love triangles and lots of male attention to awkward teenage girls, of which exist one too many.

The authors paints a perfect vision, and teenagers read it over and over in hopes of dreaming.

…’tis a vicious cycle, and a devious plot.


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  1. ruaibrahim says:

    I agree wholeheartedly, I have come to hate those love triangles, but there are some books where yes, the heroine is feminine and strong (unlike spineless Bella in Twilight) such as Tessa Gray in The Infernal Devices series (which I so very recommend).
    I have written a review on the last book on this series in http://bookloverblogger.wordpress.com/.
    Check it out!

    1. Viva Violet says:

      I’ve downloaded the Infernal Devices and Mortal Instruments series both! Finally a heroine who isn’t only concerned with what she should wear or look. Thanks for recommending the series to me. I’m sure I’m going to have a great time reading them!

      1. ruaibrahim says:

        You’re welcome! Cassandra Clare is truly an awesome author!

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