The Angel Who Broke A Wing…And Wobbled

My last post was all about romance novels in the ‘Fallen Angel’ category; quite a bitter little post I must admit. But it did inspire me to imagine what I would write about, if I were ever to step into the divinely murky waters of fallen angels and their world on earth.

First off, my main lead would have been a girl: outrageous, not afraid to say what she thinks, and definitely never a doormat! She’d have loads of spunk and zeal, and shiny green eyes with normal girl hair…you know, the kind that frizzles and curls sometimes and doesn’t always stay picture perfect without her having to do anything; please…

She’d have a good group of friends, not the brainless kind, friends that she could discuss history and politics with instead of just “omg that really hot guy who is so obviously supernatural!” Her friends would be good solid people who’d be there for her, instead of just stand in props until she meets THE GUY.

Oh, and I’d put a tiny twist in there…the girl would find out she’s a fallen angel too, but a defective one. To say, she’d have a whole white wing as fresh as morning glory, but the other one would be a stub. Yeah, she’d be wing disabled. And why not? There are books written about perfectly perfect immortals who have flawless everything; well this one won’t. So basically this girl would be amazing and stunning but when she’d try to fly, she’d wobble and fall to one side. She would never be able to ride a bike either, because of balance issues.


The main fallen angel hot guy would look down at the disabled girl and sneer down his paper sharp nose. The girl would instead have to charm him with her quirky ways and cute smile and of course, competent brain. The guy would then call her intelligent and not just “so so pretty and fragile.” It would be a gritty real love story with a supernatural destiny and not just the romantic mushy stuff.

Wouldn’t this plot be more fun than regular two-guys-one-girl dramas?


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