Be My Friend, Lisa?

If anyone has seen Girl, Interrupted and not loved it, I would like to know them, and teach them a thing or two. Talk about moving chick flicks.


However, the point is, Angeline Jolie is absolutely stellar. Her character in the movie, Lisa is a sociopath with neurotic tendencies who has never gone into remission, and so is quite dangerous. She’s overtly sexual, inappropriate, fierce and literally nuts. She forges a friendship with the new girl in the institution, Susanna (Winona Ryder), and immediately takes over her. Due to their promiscuous natures, they become best friends, in whatever psychotic sense of the word.

The point I want to make though is, that despite her neurotic disorder and problems, I would kill to have someone like Lisa as a friend. She’s fearless, doesn’t give a thought to convention, and wants to be a professional Cinderella at Disney World. 

Girl, Interrupted basically blurs the line between normal and abnormal, and proves that everyone has good in them, no matter how wrong the wiring in their brain might be. 

Angelina Jolie completely deserved the Academy Award she got for Best Supporting Actress, because even though her character is a less than normal (whatever normal might mean), she’s lovable, strong, wild and careless. New role model?


After all, some insanity is good for the mind.



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  1. This is a brilliant movie. Jolie was So So good! 😀
    In a weird, mental way I could connect with her.

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