A Controversy For Your Collection, Mr. President

Dear (Mr.) President of the USA,

(controversy, obviously)

I’d like you to trade places with me for a day. When you’re in my body and start to live your life, you’ll inevitably notice a lot of things. First off, you will wake up in stifling heat, your bedclothes pasted to you, by glue it’d seem. You will be perspiring freely and the humid Lahore weather won’t help. All of a sudden, you’ll get an idea. You’ll go turn on the air conditioner, expecting a chilling blast of cold air, and instead you’ll get…nothing. The AC will be quiet and I’m sure, so will you. Every hour on the hour the power will go out. You might be watching TV,  taking a shower, the power doesn’t care. Power outage will happen during weddings, parties and funerals.

Moving on, you’ll meet people in my house. You’ll meet the nine year old maid who was told that her mother died because Satan possessed her; (she was schizophrenic, but that’s our little secret, isn’t it?). You will see the drive to learn, to get educated. And you will also see the non existent funds available for free education. She was 6 years old when she started working to support her family, because her brothers both died from typhoid. What hospitals would treat them? Who would’ve given them beds to rest in, or vaccinations to buffer them from the world? Because you see, in this country we keep breaking, but we can’t afford to heal.

Going on in the day, you’ll meet the woman who comes in to cook. You’ll hear her story – she lost a husband in one of the numerous Shia Sunni feuds that happen almost day to day. You’ll see that we are as much the victims of these as anyone else. No, we don’t go around conspiring to drown our own religion every day. Just like in your country, you have Redneck Christians who would skin their daughters for even looking at strange boys, we have mullahs. We have fanatics. But fanatics don’t have us. Differentiate. Our ugliness is exposed, aired out everyday in the 5 o clock news, while yours’ remains hidden under layers of fireworks, bald eagles, Uncle Sam posters and bacon.

ImageYou think our hearts don’t bleed? Beards or no beards, burqa or no burqa, we’re people. You know, just like you? But after you listen to a hundred of grief filled stories, all you get is mild ear ache. Because everyone here has a sob story, everyone has suffering. I’m one of the lucky ones, I got education, I got opportunities. Hundreds of people lose lives because in view of the Bigger Picture and the Greater Good, one life doesn’t matter.

We’re in the midst of elections, and so many don’t know who to pick. Why should we put our fates into alien hands, who will take and never give back?

But what’s the use? I’m sure your life isn’t a picnic either.



11 Comments Add yours

  1. Are you actually up at 4:15 AM? Wow, I feel normal.
    To be honest all your posts are very well written, You sound so graceful, and poised- It’s almost as though you are softly reading these words out like Ma. I must sound mad here, but I reckon it’s the complete ambiance of your page.
    We are a fortunate lot, and smart too. I hope the next generation is even better.

    1. Viva Violet says:

      Yes, I just started reading Les Miserables and can’t put it down. Its giving me an insomniac phase :P.
      Thank you! Its only because writing is the one thing that gets me through everything, good or bad, you know what i mean? I’ve been hanging out on your blog, and you sound so much fun! I feel like I know you. That must sound mad, but then its 4 am… 😛

      1. I have always wanted to read it. Books tend to have that effect, especially good ones! Reading, writing and dreaming if it weren’t for these things I’d have lost my sanity way back. I’ve been stalking you, you don’t sound mad. It’s 4 am, this is normal I suppose 😛

      2. Viva Violet says:

        I know. Once I start reading I can’t stop anyway. Its refreshing to find someone who likes books though. Real books, not like Twilight or random chick lit.
        I have been stalking you too (I don’t know why i said that so formally). You write so well, and I’ve put down the book to read your blog 😀

      3. Now you are just being nice, I don’t write well. I write. That’s about it. Chick lits are boring, they are so boring. I can hear the birds chirping outside, hahaha my bhai will be up soon for school. Maybe I should Mail you, what do you say?

      4. Viva Violet says:

        Hahha, I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have a brother. I only have two sisters. Yes please mail me, I’d love that 😀
        The power went out for an hour here, there was a massive thunderstorm outside. My favourite weather.

      5. I love thunderstorms and the Rain and Winters! summers not so much! you can take mine, hah He’s a pain more often than not! I wanted a younger sister and an older brother. 🙂 What’s your email Id?

      6. Viva Violet says:

        yes ame here! The rain is my absolute favourite weather <3. Its nayabtariq21@gmail.com. Mail me 😀

  2. I live not from you, and the one thing that I’ve noticed is Why address something to the president of the United states when people wegrow up with turn out to be such abhorrent human beings that one are disgusted even to be related to them. It’s not just the Mullahs, the rednecks, the Tam-Brahms, It’s almost everyone. People are so full of hate and prejudice that it’s scary. When people can’t differentiate between a 5 year old kid, and a woman you expect them to differentiate between Shias ans Sunnis. This is a sad world, my friend and those who are fortunate don’t understand and those you aren’t don’t want to understand. I live in India, not far from you. We’ve grown up in the midst of the war where we are supposed to hate each other, but honestly It doesn’t make any sense to me.

    Anyway this is really well written 🙂

    1. Viva Violet says:

      I understand what you mean. Almost like A Quoi Bon Dire…whats the point? The world is such a convoluted place where fanatics seem to rule everything and all of it seems diseased.
      Yes there’s always been a war around, and for some reason I feel like the people who grew up in the subcontinent are somehow more intense than other people. Hot blooded, you could say. We feel negatives and positives more fiercely than other people.
      Haha and I could never hate someone else just because of silly prejudice. Thank God there are still people like you out there. Thanks by the way 🙂

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