Saved By The Frappe

The kindest moment that happened to me was around two months ago, in a mall. I was in dire, I say dire need of a sugar rush (I happen to be the most incorrigible sweet tooth ever).

I was almost dizzy when I reached the Starbucks counter, and flopped my sad little head onto it. The guy in the Starbucks cap was shaped a bit like a beanpole. Tall, skinny, but with the kindest, most coffee bestowing eyes I had ever seen. He immediately whipped his cap into action, poised his finger above the cash register and asked for my order.

I choked out the lifesaving words: “One double chocolate chip mocha frappe, please!”

He got into Starbucks superhero mode and switched the blender on, adding crushed ice and milk by the cupful. As I sank against the wooden counter and waited against the blend of sugar packets, spoons and straws, I thanked God for Starbucks.

 When my drink was done, he added a veritable mountain of whipped cream on top, drizzled three layers of buttery caramel syrup, and handed it to me with the best smile ever, saying “You look like you’ll really enjoy this.”

I thanked him, got my change and took the first sip, tasting the grainy ice, frozen chocolate chips, and mocha caramel sweetness.

 Ahh, I was saved. Thank God for Starbucks, and all the people who work to serve wonderful coffee all year round. Kind, kind people.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Archita says:

    😀 love cookies and biscotties and a Starbucks fan too 😀 beautifully written 🙂

    1. Viva Violet says:

      Why thank you! 😀

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