The Anti-Me, Anti-She

If I were my exact opposite…this should be fun:

1. From girly girl to tomboy. I’d be the girl sporting leather jackets, metal studs, mad pink eyebrows and pierced everything. I’d be rough around the edges, street. A pink lip mark crusted cigarette would have a place of honour between my lips, along with bad grammar, lots of slang, and the lyrics to “Superfreak.” 

2. Bookworm to mag-freak. Gone would be the bookshelves filled with hardcovers and paperbacks. No Dickens, Hardy or Rowling. Instead, I’d have grown up reading Seventeen, Cosmo and some manga. My idea of beauty would be leopard print everything, and a huge rack, from all the anime I’d have imbibed. I’d hate myself, since I’d be a tomboy who loves makeup.

3. From pragmatic to ugh…romantic! I’d be the poster girl for gushing romance novels and sloppy chick flicks. This opposite me would watch, no, worship the likes of Jennifer Garner, Nicole Kidman and Meg Ryan. Under all my tough street thredas, I’d have the heart of a puppy. I’d curl up on a couch and laugh and cry over badly directed, poorly worded romcoms. Ew. I’d make decisions with my heart instead of my head.

5. Boyfriend to…Girlfriend? This is the question I’ve been asking myself. If I were the complete opposite of myself, would I be gay? I mean, if my core personality was altered then who knows what would happen? Definitely something to think about.

6. So many possibilities…my alter ego would be sloppy, messy, have friends who’d also be part time drug pushers, would never stay at home, would probably not be a virgin. Who knows what could happen with my opposite? I could be the type to boss my mom around instead of vice versa. I could be an athlete, I could go in the Olympics. The possibilites are endless.

What would your opposite be? Mind numbing question with a million answers.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Hahaha this is so creative and hilarious. I’m sure the anti-me and anti-you would have be good friends

    1. Viva Violet says:

      Hmm…the anti you. You’ve given me the idea for a new blog post. Your alter ego would be badass. I shall start scribbling it right away!

      1. hahah can’t wait to read that one!!

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