How Facebook And I Came To Be…

This memory came back to me right after I read an entry in the Daily Post.

Something about it being Facebook’s ten year anniversary next year.

I actually remember how I heard about Facebook…it’s an interesting story.

Somewhere in 2008, I was angrily sharing a dilemma that had cropped up on the then popular social network, Orkut. While I was yapping on about it to a friend, my best friend came up and introduced a new topic: a social networking site she had found called Facebook. I remember listening to her and then both of us making fun of the name ‘Facebook.’ If only we could foresee…

I didn’t make an account on Facebook till a month later. My best friend and I had already started adding pictures and picking Facebook names.

Everyone else joined it much later, and prided themselves for having ‘discovered’ it. Although as I remember quite correctly, they heard of it from my best friend, but didn’t acknowledge that fact.

 Facebook is a tribute to my amazing best friend and her uncanny ability to pick out things before they become famous, whether it’s underground hip hop, social networking sites or sprinkle topped microwave brownies. Facebook was our thing, Zaray.

To an uncannily long friendship, much embellished with laughter, Harry Potter, tears, quarrels, hugs, barbies in the classroom, tiny tomato soup cans, impulsiveness (from my side), graceful tact (from yours), crushing on celebrities, texting everyday, having four hour long conversations, sharing families, and hating the same things. A lot of things were ‘our thing’ and always will be.


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  1. You’re the bestest friend in the entire world, to remember and acknowledge all these little things :’) Years later they feel more special than we could ever imagine back then. It’s so amazing when you have so many memories to share

    1. Viva Violet says:

      You’re easily the best friend and sister a girl could have. And we’re going to have twenty million more memories ❤

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