My Senile Grandmother. And Her Cat Who Knits Me Sweaters.

What makes a blog great? Or: Why I Spend All My Time On WordPress

Let’s see…

1. CAPTIVATING TITLES! – If a post has a funny, quirky title, I’ll be sure to open it up. And if it has some words outlined in bold, well then, I decide to camp out on the blog with my cup of coffee and pet weasel named Arnold…(stuff in bold catches attention.)

2. PICTURES IN THE POST. Now I’m not saying the entire post should have pictures of  pointless things in it.  But a post punctuated with a bright picture or two will invariably make me read it and like it too.

3. A NEW OUTLOOK. Everybody Loves Raymond. If I find a post verbally ripping Raymond to shreds, I’ll be sure to read it. Hey, it’s going against the grain. what more do I need?

4. HILARIOUS OR SCANDALOUS CONTENT (!). The thing is, if I wrote a post about my senile granny having a cup of tea or knitting me a sweater, people will probably pass it by. However, if I tell everyone how granny thought she was a cup of tea, or was teaching the cat how to knit, it would make for a pretty interesting post. Of course, if my granny was that interesting, I’d probably have over a 1000 readers by now…

5. MAKE ME BELIEVE, MAKE ME THINK. Obviously I love reading posts which give me a new train of thought. For example, a post about the existence of a breed of particularly evil hamsters would set the cogs turning in my mind and inspire me to research…I would follow the blog and keep coming back for more helpings.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. The Cutter says:

    I’ll start cooking up a post describing the evils of Everyone Loves Raymond immediately.

    1. Viva Violet says:

      Please do! I’ll look for my coffee cup and weasel and head over to your blog immediately 😀

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