Mementos Are No Good. “You want remember, so just remember” – Janet Fitch

I don’t know

Why is it the world

Works this way?


It used to show:

You’d lie asleep, curled

Never imagining

It would be taken away


The highs and lows

Did never manage to unfurl

Your secret looks,

Your kisses and your smiles

Bright as the day


I wonder why, just now

And just when,

And just why

The phone stopped ringing

And then even that

Just ceased to matter


But you ask: how, how?

And that question, then

Doesn’t make you cry

Just short of flinging

Your lovely self

Off the nearest cliff flat

Nothing left, but to shatter


 He used to look

Right at you

Instead of piercing

Mercilessly through

There won’t be any more

Letters, or phone calls

Or words

For that matter

When all you can see

Are glitzy memories

And old charms

Walk away, for

The present will not be kind

To you, or me, or he

It’s over.



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  1. Celena Green says:

    Ah Janet Fitch. That’s a GREAT book.

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