…Hit Me

I want to know…what you think.

I need some feedback. I’ve worked hard to make this blog an achievment I can be proud of someday, and even though that day is far off yet, I feel like I’m on the right road. 

And now I want to know how to make improvements. 

Tell me how my blog makes you feel. Do you feel like it’s too trivial, too random, too cluttered? Or in some miraculous way, if reading it gives you the occasional laugh and amused shake of the head, tell me too. 

I’m looking for some feedback – your comments will be written on my new blog header. And yes, I realise I’m also opening myself up to criticism. Well, if not now, then when?

Please tell me what you think. Be honest, be brutal.

And I cannot thank you enough for hearing my voice, reading my articles and sorting through all this clutter that takes up permanent residence in my brain.

Thank you.


One Comment Add yours

  1. The most spectacular thing about your blog is how you hand pick the little things in our lives, that have quite big value in our hearts.
    Be it about dreams, an innocent moment of bliss, or honest splash of plain truth- your blog captures attention.
    I love how you talk about something serious, but have that amusing J.K Rowling humour interjection that takes all the pressure of the heavy things and gives you a brighter, lighter outlook.
    Keep up the good work, you blogger!

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