Sex Sells…Empathy Doesn’t


def: Noun. A person, typically a woman, who engages in sex for payment.

How would you describe her? Standing on a shadowy street corner with an uplifted head, searching for her next customer. Heavily rimmed eyes, the kohl giving her an aura of toughness she doesn’t really possess. Inches thick padded push up bra to uplift her cleavage, and her chances on the street. A wanton, blase attitude: she catcalls, whispers, entices. 

In short, she sells herself. All night, every night.

She finds a man willing to pay, leads him to her rooms, the nearest motel, wherever. He doesn’t know her name, will never remember her face. If he’s shy, she’ll do all the work, if not, she’ll be worked on. In short, she’ll cater to his every need. At the end of her usual routine, he’ll refuse to pay, slap her around, humiliate her further. He’ll be drunk, he’ll call her a whore, he’ll spit in her face. For she has no rights, and no voice.

People say prostitution is a God awful business. All those women, how could they? Do they have no shame, no dignity, no courage to fight for the right thing? What they don’t know is, courage fails you when you have 4 mouths to feed, clothe and protect. How can you do the right thing when the only skill you have is buried deep inside of you, and you’re forced to open it for business? 

I read about that 15 year old Afghani girl, who was married at 12, then forced into prostitution by her inlaws. When she refused, she was beaten, burnt and had her fingernails pulled out. You tell me now. Where could she have found the moral fiber, the damn courage, to fight back? 

People are so narrow minded; they believe whatever they see. They’ll see a woman selling herself on a street corner and think “This is disgusting, this is the lowest point of humanity, this is filth.” What they won’t bother to see is the pain and the desperation under there. She might have been forced into it out of sheer poverty, out of torture, or both. What do you know?

Every year, over a 100,000 children are forced into sex labour, prostitution and drug peddling. Once older, they’ll have known no other way of life. To judge them, based on the fact that you saw them selling their services in the street, is sheer ignorance. 

Prostitution might not be the dream job: God knows the risks associated with it. AIDS, legality, physical pain, terror. And people still think girls do it for fun. Perverted are the people who call on call girls. They’re just doing business, as usual.


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