Politics = Passion…Pakistani Tales

Politics…means different things to different people. Or should I say to different nations?

Because never have I seen a nation so obsessed, no infused with their political system; where political leaders, discussions and rallies are the backbone of everyday conversations, than Pakistan.

In Lahore, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who didn’t know and had something to say about our political situation. I mean heck, what we eat, what we wear, when we sleep, our thoughts, emotions, our examinations, are all controlled by politicians. Every child here grows up knowing which political party they’ll support. It’s almost like being born Muslim, Jewish or Hindu, etc. To turn your back on your familial political party is like grasping the Athiesm banner; you’re going to cause an uproar.

Lahore, In Its Glory

To state an actual real life example between two men, talking about two leaders: Imran Khan, and Nawaz Sharif. Guy 1 being the Imran Khan supporter, while Guy 2 backs up Nawaz Sharif.

Guy 1: So hey, how’s your leader doing these days? *emphasis on your, as if the second guy gave birth to his political guru*

Guy 2: He’s much better than yours; he got Punjab’s vote again…naturally *taunt thrown in less than 20 seconds*

Guy 1: Right, we both know there was a lot of corruption there. He could never have won on his own *attempt to discredit said leader*

Guy 2: Ahan? At least he came into power and did a lot for the country. What did yours do? *like children, fighting over toys*

Guy 1: Excuse me? Excuse me? So what? Shaukat Khanum just built itself?! *getting agitated*

Guy 2: Shaukat Khanum is old news. The Sharif Brothers made transportation easier. They built the Metro Bus, and underpasses…

Guy 1: I’ve never used an underpass in my entire life. They’re useless *almost to the point of sticking his tongue out*

Guy 2: Useless? What imbecile doesn’t use underpasses? Have you even seen the real Lahore? You probably stay in Defence all the time! *Ahh, the Defence taunt*

Guy 1: Whatever. They’re stupid. And the Metro Bus? This isn’t f****g Dubai! This is PAKISTAN and we need money, not TRANSPORT!

Guy 2: We need electricity, which is what we’re getting now. Your leader is holed up in the mountains, useless, like his hospital.

Guy 1: WHAT?! That hospital cures people for free! Your leader steals money, what do  you know about goodwill?!!

And…punches are thrown.

If that didn’t make it clear enough, I’ll elucidate. You’ll see political banners everywhere: stuck to the side of the roads, houses, children, you name it. Elections or no elections. Our basic human necessities (light, gas etc) depend on which political party is in power. Here, discussing politics is as natural as breathing, and many marriages, divorces and friendships are based on this powerful subject.

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I love being part of this community.


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