How To…Tell If You’re A Clingy Best Friend

7 Signs That Show If You’re A Clingy Best Friend

1. Speed Dial Cling On – Your best friend has been given a dedicated key on your dial pad, so you can contact them in the space of seconds should an emergency arise. For example, your hairdresser cuts your hair an inch too short and you immediately call your best friend to complain and receive assurances.

2. You’re A 10% Person – At least 90% of the hanging out plans you make concern your best friend. Going out for pizza? Call them up. Need to pay some bills? Take them along…you get my drift. Also, the 10% of your plans are made with mom and dad, or your pet. Needless to say, if your best friend makes plans without you, it makes you implode.

3. WWTD – What Would They Do? This is your ultimate thought when you consider any options or decisions. “What would Trevor do if I decide to get a 7th piercing on my eyebrow?” “What would Janice say if I make my signature lemon chiffon cake with nutmeg instead of vanilla?” and so much more besides. Unless Jesus is your best friend. Then kudos to you.

4. The ‘Random’ Call – Every once in a while, which to you is every 5-10 minutes, you pick up the phone and dial their number. Just to you know, check if they aren’t dead or anything. You do this quite frequently and every call leads more and more to the point where you just go over to their house and play with their pets.

5. The House Key – So that one time when your friend decided to give you a copy of their house key when they went on vacation and needed you to water their ficus…you’ve kept it. Sometimes you show up uninvited at 8 in the morning just to eat pancakes with your best friend and their family. You have no clear boundaries and consider the passing of the key as the initiation rite to becoming a part of the family.

6. Sibling Connection – Of course you know your best friend’s siblings. Of course you talk to them. Of course you text them and ask them where your best friend is when the latter doesn’t answer your text messages. If an hour has passed and you haven’t heard that reassuring beep signalling a new message, you text the aforesaid sibling and demand to know where your best friend is. If your best friend is an only child, you probably end up calling their parents…

7. You Relate To Anne – Anne of Green Gables was a wonderful book, but Anne’s eccentricity sometimes really bewildered me. She intensely ‘loved’ Diana with all her ‘soul.’ She was in mortal fear of Diana’s marriage and much more besides. If you’re up to that level of umm…passion, then yes, you might say you’re a tad clingy.


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Vanessa Sauvuer says:

    My best fran gave me a tbh and it said that i was clingy and always in her business but she is barely in any of my classes and i only see her in the hallways….I always thought I didN’t hangout with her enough….

  2. I just…O.O
    you just managed to describe my best friend…she dosn’t do all that but most of them….

  3. likebutta says:

    What if you get your best friend a gift or something for their birthday and you stalk them incessantly to see if they actually wear it?

    1. Viva Violet says:

      Hahahaha, you know, that’s an actual possibility. Hilarious πŸ˜€

  4. Is it really bad if you get a teeny bit sad if your best friend goes out with other friends πŸ˜›

    1. Viva Violet says:

      Hahah no not at all! This article is all about the extreme. Like for example you sit crying all night if your best friend makes other plans. Written just for laughs πŸ˜›

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