Send Me Flowers Again…

Ring. “Drat!”
The doorbell goes off
Ten minutes to nine
Precisely timed,
Flowers on the porch
Silver holder, pink card
“From a secret admirer”
“Oh, not again!”


I’m clean worn out
With this flower business
Just last week
It was chocolates,
A month ago
Love poem, printed out
I know my eyes sparkle
And I have mahogany tresses
But for God’s sake
Leave me alone


Six long years
I’ve opened the door
To your wishes, dreams
Of love,
All in vain,
Over me


“If I don’t see another damned bouquet,
it’ll be too soon”
Peonies when I was sick,
Lilies when I wasn’t
And that terrible week,
When Death loomed above my home
Orchids, white
Stained in the center
Bleeding hearts.


I told you I cannot
Love you,
Not now, not ever
You might as well
Save yourself,
The trouble,
The money,
The walk.
Think practically,


And then one day,
Waking up
Walking to the door
To save the post man
His daily ring
Ten to nine,
There is only silence
Shuffling its feet
On the conspicuously flowerless porch
The waiting, endless
Nervour fidgets
Impatient tuts.


A frantic call
to the Post Office
“Hello, your usual mail man,
is he well? My delivery is late”
The revelation then,
There will be no flowers
You have finally,
Deserted me.


A crushing blow this
I feel,
What is it?
Surely not…
You, the only constant
Granted in a chaotic life
Have given up,
How could you leave?


And now I sit
Wait penitently
At ten to nine
I sigh, twitch, brood
If only you knew
How I would
Engulf you with open arms
If only.
Breaking the habit is never easy
The doorbell lies


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