The 7 Advantages Of Being A Girl

Now I don’t want to set foot in the murky waters of the men vs women debate. But I will say that while some people say it’s a male dominated society in general, there’s a lot in it for the “softer sex” too…and I consider all the sassy gay guys too. So, women, read on…


In Legally Blonde, when Reese Witherspoon’s character, Elle Woods feels insecure and discriminated against for being blonde, her co-worker, Emmett tells her to use that power for good. He says that by being a blonde, she can trick people into believing she’s intellectually inferior, and then trump them, So yes, while I don’t believe in women dumbing themselves down for men, the occasional foray into the façade of lesser knowledge benefits girls. While if a man were to act stupid, he would be immediately berated and shunned.



So a woman walks into a bar, wearing a clingy dress, high heels and a smile…what does she get? Free drinks of course! No girl can deny that at least once, she’s used her genial smile or empathetic pout to get something she wants. It’s the nature of the male species, to respond to a flirty eyelash bat, or warm compliment. While if a man came up to a woman and did the same thing, I can assure you all he’d get would be the woman’s drink…splashed across his face.


You’re walking down the street and you see a child fall off his bicycle. If you’re a woman, you’ll immediately run to rescue the kid, kiss the grazed knee, and offer to take him or her home. If you’re a man however, and you attempt any or all of the above, you will be taken into custody and called a paedophile. Women aren’t generally seen as cougars or sex offenders in everyday society, whereas men have fragile reputations. The blame falls on the poor guy, even if was just trying to help a kid back on his bike. Nick Hornby’s book, About A Boy is living proof of this fact.


Batting eyelashes and scoring free stuff is one thing, but what about the secret card all of us women keep? The ‘Damsel in Distress’ card that we carry around all the time. Whether a girl chooses to play this card or not is up to her, but let it be said that if a girl professes to be in trouble, the nearest male will come running. Men have to use their so called superior strength to get themselves out of trouble, but we don’t need to do anything ‘cept beckon, and be saved. Yes, if you’re a “strong, independent women who don’t need no man”, then power to you. But you still have this card with you. Men however, cannot play this card because you know, they have their masculinity, etc etc.

#5: HEY, BRO

Girls playing football. Girls playing cricket. Girls playing video games. Normal? Sexy even, for some. Guys playing dress up…err. Guys wearing skirts…let’s just stop. It’s a widely known fact that girls can embed themselves in the stereotypical male world of sports, video games and even fashion. Boyfriend jeans, anyone? The point is, we can get away with leather jackets and high tops, while guys simply cannot strut around wearing skirts, or flower slippers (gay guys don’t count, as they’re one of the girls)…We can conquer their world, but they’d be too embarrassed to step into ours.

#6: MOMMY?

And don’t forget the biggest advantage of all: WE started mankind. Okay true, we needed a man to do it, but regardless. Men cannot grow the population without us, can they? Now don’t start thinking of yourself as a lonely incubator just yet. Women have the power to expand the human race and we’re keeping this world going.


So of course we all want to be accomplished, educated and all rounded. But one has to admit, poor men suffer a lot more pressure than we do. A guy with any self respect knows he has to provide for his future family, and to do that he needs solid career plans, and no mistakes. We as women have two choices. We can go on to study, or give it all up and just get married, and personally know many girls who’ve chosen the latter. Whatever a girl chooses is her discretion, but the fact that the choice exists is one of the greatest advantages of being a woman.

So, women, wake up and just feel happy to be you. In this society, we have benefits that our ‘stronger’ counterparts do not. And that, is a lucky thing.


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