Don’t Look Here…


It’s dark, and hidden, and attractive. Isn’t it?

 What is it about the taboo that attracts us?

To see an addict wrap his shaking fingers around a filthy needle, inject warmth into his paper thin veins and breathe in contentment, is controversy. But to whom, and how?

To a ‘respectable’ older woman who calls herself dignified, and carries herself with the assurance that she has never sinned. She sees the addict, looks down at him, wrinkles her petite nose and walks on. To her, he is the epitome of human drudgery. But if one were to look into her past, and see how addicted SHE was once, with a man who was not her husband, and how she planned to leave her children, her family, and herself all for him, one might understand the nature of controversy. 

We all of us lead controversial lives. You shudder to yourself wondering how people would react if they knew what goes on in your head. Or the life you have lead. 

I see a girl walking with her head held high; she has money spilling out of her wallet, a platinum card that gives her security, and a father who will always be there to provide more. You look at her, envious, wishing you had the good fortune because some people it seems have all the luck, while others, none. If only you knew then, how her father gets his money, how many people he has trodden on to get to where he is, the shady deals and meetings in dark alleyways. Oh, and did she mention? How much his mistress costs him? A new necklace today, diamonds tomorrow, and so on.

If you could see all the hidden tiny things that thread through human lives, you would be shocked. But there is dark gravity in them: it seduces you, the very fact that it is hush hush. Look at your own life, at your own secrets. And if by some miracle, you think you have none, then and only then may you start to judge other people.

We struggle to be perfect in an imperfect world.


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