“If You’re Going To Have Two Faces…”

You know those people who walk around with their heads high and look like they’ll slap you if you say hi?

I’m one of them, or so I’ve been told.

But, I’m nothing like that once you get to know me. I have a big mouth sometimes, I’m outspoken and sometimes tactless.

All my flaws are on the outside, and once I become friends with someone, I’m loyal to a fault.

And then you know those people, who’re easy to talk to, cheerful and ever overly helpful?

Once you get to know them, you find their other face. All their flaws are on the inside, sharpened to prickly polished points.

If I could change just one law of nature, it’d be the layers people have. The ones with their flaws on the outside, those are the ones worth bothering with. They don’t make friends for the sake of it, but actually work and keep them. Because they’re secure in their faults, and display them loud and proud.

I found another face in a person I called friend. And I ran. And am still running.

When you find someone who isn’t instantly likable, make more of an effort. Their quirks and issues are out there for the world to see. And their hearts are that much purer.

Also, it’s easier when there’s one face to talk to.

              Source: dollface801

Avoid confusion, make genuine friends.


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