I Won’t Sit In Grass But I’ll Eat It (‘long as it’s organic)

i just read the allegations against Bill Cosby. Three very famous women accused him of drugging and raping them.

What is the world we live in? Rape, trauma, globalization, elections, cheap burgers, expensive salads, two story planes, the ebola virus, acne medication, daddy’s credit cards, abandoned castles, automatic traffic lights, endless highways, and amidst all of these, people who don’t know where they’re going.

There’s something called nature deficit disorderIn case you didn’t know, it’s a disorder that affects children when they don’t get to spend enough down time with Mother Nature. What I don’t understand though, is why everyone is scrambling for reasons. The truth couldn’t be more in your face.

Children are growing up with digital companions. Where are the kids who found comfort in Meg and Jo’s hard working lives? Or the ones who spent every Sunday afternoon diving into the yellowed pages of the Famous Five’s adventures? When I was younger, I would take my little blanket, spread it out on the grass and spend hours just reading. Those were my winter mornings.

I remember I used to eat dirt. And plaster off of the walls. And chalk. Basically any powdery, chewy substances I could find. Laugh all you want, but I’m convinced they built up my immunity. I would throw it all up and go again. And thankfully, I have had no major illnesses. My mashed peas and carrots never came in plastic baggies labelled “STRICTLY ORGANIC PRODUCE!’ Because of course, if I ate anything else, I would have fallen prey to gastroenteritis and cancer and a violent disposition.

My play time included hours of garden time. To this day, I spend time under the lemon tree at the foot of my backyard. There’s nothing that compares to the smell of fresh dirt and sunshine.

If you find your children lying around in a lackluster fashion, drooling and tapping away on their tablets or phones, you know you have a problem. And all the organically expensively particularly grown vegetables won’t help you.

You can’t dance in the rain with a roof over your head. So be kind to the children and take away their gadgets!


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