Like Blood From A Tap: Let 2015 Flow In

I woke to 2015 and read about a baby girl who died because her parents starved her to death. And I thought of the parents of the children in Peshawar who will never sleep again. What do they care of the new year? A new date to write at the top of our school notebooks. Not for their children.

There are police officers who died and planes that crashed; our peoples’ blood washing over ice bergs and dropping into the sea bed, creating red burrows in the sand.

Blood is running thinner than water. And people have lost words. There’s blood on classroom walls, on whiteboards that previously felt only the wet tip of innocent Sharpies. (Our) Blood runs through cracks in the sidewalks and drips drips drips into the sewers below, mixing with the mulch that is later recycled for tap water. Do you know what you’re drinking?

We have continued to underestimate the lengths that mankind will go to. Forget the slaughter out there. When was the last time you ran in the house with scissors? Or didn’t wince when water washed over a paper cut? Do you understand what it must feel like? Serrated knives ripping your flesh apart, striking in the most vulnerable places, where cloth or skin fail to protect. Or the ones who’s lives left them before they could turn around. The piercing siren and then the explosion they couldn’t hear because their ears just gave out.

It’s tragic, really. Because if everyone could feel everybody else’s pain, the world would be a much different place.

I won’t forget how lucky I am to have made it through this year of smoke and screams. And neither should you. So if you need a resolution this year, steer away from petty problems, other people’s hypocrisy and what you did with whom back then that everyone now knows about. Think about them. All the ones who lie dead, starlight pooled in their eyes, because their souls couldn’t stay. Save them.

Humanity might just be at breaking point. End the indifference.


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