Inside Jokes


i miss your stupid dark grey sweatshirt;

it was a little too baggy but the pockets where i warmed my hands

they felt like home.

i miss your mountain dew eyes;

remember how i could stare at them for nine long seconds?

inevitable: the furious blink-and-blush

couldn’t look for too long.

i miss all the secret places i found;

you hid your scent in intricate hideaways

in the palm of your hand or the back of your ear

or, the triangle-hollow in your neck

my thumb fit perfectly; custom made.

i miss the things you told me about:

black-and-white documentaries and space exploration stories

places you wanted to see and games you wanted to play

oh, and books you wanted to read;

you were never Edgar, my love

i was just looking for you in all the wrong places.

and so, i want you to

just for now,

come home.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Alfahadeen says:

    This hits you right in the feels.

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