Shiny Things!

No 2017-specific resolutions here.

Just some things I’ve taken off the shelf and dusted; now they look brand new. You’re welcome to take a look.

2016 was messy… and I think I’ve forgotten how to love people. Still dealing with the fact that 2016 made me “emotionally unavailable.” Ugh how I run from labels and how they chase me. Don’t fear, if you’ve become a reclusive, emotionally stagnant wreck like me, there’s a way to fix this. I’ve decided to invest my time into helping people and here’s how:

  1. Paying sincere compliments. Might sound simple but isn’t really. I’ve seen how many beautiful (inside and out) people undervalue themselves. It’s a cruel exercise. Some do it to fit in. Some complain to appear modest. Too many people don’t realise the goodness and beauty they carry. I’ve made it my personal mission to make sure they do.
  2. Being upfront. As we grow older, we forget how to be honest. Too often, people shy away from confronting others about their behaviour. You can still be kind while calling people out on their shit. Self-explanatory.
  3. Volunteering: I don’t just mean extending services to charities and pet shelters. There’s a hundred different ways to help: see someone having a bad day and turn it around. Or spend time making someone laugh. Or just be there. Offer to help with whatever. Offer. Mean it.
  4. Being kind. As someone who doesn’t always feel super comfortable around emotions, this is key. Kindness is free. But remember, the world can be cruel. It’s difficult to continue being kind, but hey, if it’s worth it…

Now that that’s done, I’ve also found some ways to help myself in the future:

  1. Say bye bye. To you who doesn’t know how to love, and to you who effortlessly takes me for granted, oh, and to you who doesn’t even see me. To all of you, adieu.
  2. Move on. Ah man, this is a big one. My loved ones or at least those I’ve fallen out with have always known that I’ll turn around and come back. I forgive easily. People take advantage. Old story, new headline. Basically, not happening anymore.
  3. Love whole-heartedly. This is probably the hardest one. To all the people I love, you know that even more than being loved, I enjoy loving you. I love buying little gifts, writing whimsical couplets and handing out hundreds of hugs to you guys. Lately, I haven’t been able to do this: I’ve been stuck in a weird emotional rut. But I assure you, it will begin again!

I have many more dusty knickknacks on dustier shelves. Until spring cleaning then.



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