I’m Nayab Malik, a 22 year old journalism senior at college.

I like looking at planets and stars and trying to figure out people’s star signs. I tan in the summer and become ghostly pale in the winter. I have a mother who loves yoga and clean eating while I drink a lot of Coke and try to make up for it by eating salmon once a week.

I still like cold coffee, marshmallows, kisses and autumn nights spent  playing monopoly. If I could live in my garden, I would.

I hate camping and I wouldn’t climb a mountain, because I can read about other people who’ve done it. And here’s the point: I live vicariously and dangerously through books.

I live a million different lives, and sometimes I recall things that have never happened to me. I’m pretty sure I never sat in a carriage driven by two black horses on a cobble stoned London pathway in the 1800’s. I carry so many memories and it’s confusing being me.

I love using semi colons. And I hate crows.

I’m a Pakistani who keeps feeling like her country is too small for her heart.

And I’m an incorrigible writer.

Welcome 🙂

Mail me if you have comments or questions: nayabtariq21@gmail.com

I’d love to hear from you ❤


32 Comments Add yours

  1. bilalsidiki says:

    I like Cookies lol 🙂

    But I liked the ‘ About me ‘ more so you have earned a follow. Would hope to receive the Goodies from you on my Feed in the form of Words 🙂

    1. Nayab Tariq says:

      Haha hey! Thanks for the follow. I’ll visit your page now. Are you from/in Pakistan?

      1. bilalsidiki says:

        Yes Lahore 🙂

      2. Nayab Tariq says:

        Great! Always nice to meet people from Lahore and see their achievements. Are you a writer?

      3. bilalsidiki says:

        Great 😀 You are also from Lahore?

        I surely aspire to become one 🙂 but not yet – pray for it haha 🙂

        Did you see my blog to come to this Holistic conclusion that i might be a writer? (just curious)

      4. Nayab Tariq says:

        I did, yeah! I figured you were probably into writing short stories (don’t ask my why, I can’t explain) 😛

      5. bilalsidiki says:

        Okay that’s great 🙂

        I won’t lol.

  2. Moxie in the Making says:

    I found your blog this morning and just read a slightly ridiculous number of posts! It’s addicting. Your writing is so incredible, and I love your voice! Great work. This is superb!

    1. Nayab Tariq says:

      I feel honored you did. Thank you so much!

      1. Moxie in the Making says:

        Thank you for your writing! (And following me! I’m flattered!)

  3. Hello,

    Thank you for stopping by my blog a few days ago, and liking my post.
    You have a wonderful blog here and I look forward to some more reading. 🙂

    My best wishes,

  4. AR Neal says:

    Ha! Rubber lizards! Crows! We have far to many (not rubber lizards, crows) around here, so I understand. Love your style and look forward to reading more. Thank you also for following my blog and I hope to see you visit it from time to time!

    1. Viva Violet says:

      Haha, crows to me are the scariest beings on the planet, they just terrify me. Thank you so much! And yes I’ve been on your blog, your descriptive powers are really something else. 🙂

  5. muznahatmi says:

    Love your articles, it’s always good to see bloggers from Pakistan, writing away here on WordPress.
    Guess what? I love cookies 😉 http://www.fashaday.com

    1. Viva Violet says:

      Thank you for stopping by! Haha, I love people who love cookies. I’ll definitely camp out on your blog now

  6. Arman says:

    Impressive writing from a teenager 🙂 I had fun camping out on your blog today, catching up on your posts! Your world is already a whole lot bigger than that defined by geographical boundaries. I am from Dhaka, Bangladesh and I have to say that I have met some WONDERFUL pakistanis and I absolutely love the food there 🙂

    1. Viva Violet says:

      Thank you! Haha, I’m so glad you found my blog worthwhile. 🙂
      I’ve never been to Bangladesh but I would love to visit.
      One of your posts really inspired me when I read it. It was about the power of words and intentions. You seem like the sort of person I could be best friends with, very down to earth and real. 🙂

      1. Arman says:

        If and when you do visit, mi casa su casa…. you can stay with me 🙂

      2. Arman says:

        Hi, I have nominated you for the The Dragon’s Loyalty Award over at http://www.corporateskirts.wordpress.com. Enjoy! You deserve it!

      3. Viva Violet says:

        Wow thank you soooo much! 😀

  7. DianaX says:

    Hi Viva violet thanks for following and nice to meet you. I think teenagers are great 🙂

    1. Viva Violet says:

      Nice to meet you too! And thank you 😀

  8. heysugarsugar says:

    hey missy 🙂 I have just nominated you for the ”Sisterhood of the World Bloggers award ” Its my latest post. x

    1. Viva Violet says:

      I just saw this, it made my day! Thank you sooooo much ❤

  9. heysugarsugar says:

    hey missy 🙂 I have just nominated you for the ”Sisterhood of the World Bloggers award ” Its my latest post. x

  10. yerpirate says:

    know Pakistan fairly well – especially Lahore, and worked with Pakistanis, both men and women, for 10 years in the Arabian Gulf. Despite everything I have only good things to say about them…all Pakistanis I met. Wonderful, wonderful people.

    1. Viva Violet says:

      Thank you for that. Most people would argue with your point of view, and I’m glad you have the broad mindedness to love people for themselves. 🙂

      1. yerpirate says:

        Ah, but most people are…well…I don’t want o write anything like the word ‘sheep’, but I am very distressed to see how people believe so easily everything thrown at them from lazy news services. Can I just add that my point of view comes straight from my heart. I know people from Pakistan that have been very close. Sure, I love them for themselves, but they have been the most generous, most cultured, funnest and most interesting people I have known. People from Pakistan are also very sensitive.

      2. Viva Violet says:

        Exactly what I think too. If one were to believe the news, we’d think the utmost worst of each other. And I wish more people meet Pakistanis and get to know them the same way you have. And yes, we’re sensitive but sometimes a tad bit over emotional 😛

      3. yerpirate says:

        Come with being sensitive!

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